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March 24, 2022

Rebeka Pannozzo


Okay, call me biased BUT I truly believe elopements are such a sweet and intimate way to celebrate your love. I know this from witnessing and capturing numerous elopements and even eloping myself (story to come on that one)!

So of many many reasons why you should consider eloping, I am mentioning a gentle six!

So let’s start off by asking – what is eloping? 

You know those classic “we snuck off to Vegas without our parents knowing” stories? That was yesterday. Today, elopements are intimate weddings involving just a couple on their own or with close family and friends. It means sharing an experience together like no other; adventurous, intimate and unforgettable.

So let’s dive into it – why seek an experience like this?

1. Planning is a breeze: You don’t have to fret over the unending list of tasks that come with the territory of a traditional wedding.

2. Saving money: When my partner and I opted for an intimate elopement, our whole day ended up costing us 1/40th of what our original budget was.

3. Endless possibilities: You get to pick when and where. Take a helicopter up to a glacier-fed lake, hike up a mountain, escape in the forest or hit up a beach somewhere off the beaten path.

4. Incredible photos: Epic locations and extra time with your photographer naturally equals amazing photographs.

5. Sweet and intimate: How dang romantic and special it is to share your vows just with each other without a huge audience. 

6. Badass: Ditch the big wedding and create an experience that is true to you as a couple!

So there you have it – just a handful of reasons to live up this epic experience. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. As always, hit a girl up if you’re down for an epic adventure. 

Mountain Elopement