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A small collection of my favorite days. Whether you’re searching for inspiration for your own destination wedding, tips on creating a seamless wedding timeline or wondering how to get married in the BC mountains - you’ve come to the right place! In my time as an adventure wedding and elopement photographer in Vancouver, I’ve picked up all kinds of tips, tricks and ideas that I’ll be sharing with you here in my journal.

Vancouver Island Wedding Venues You Need To Know About

I’m a Vancouver Wedding Photographer who has been given the opportunity to travel all throughout the world to document such beautiful and touching love stories. However, some of my favorites will always hold a close place to home. That is Vancouver Island of course. Vancouver Island is off of Canada’s Pacific Coast. Along with shops […]

Vancouver Island Wedding Venues You Need To Know About

4 Reasons To Do A First Look On Your Wedding Day

Maybe you’re someone who’s been dreaming about your wedding day for what feels like forever. If you identify with this, you know how important every detail is. When it comes to your wedding day, there are a few memorable moments that can stand out above all else. You have the getting-ready moments, the ceremony, and […]