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Destination Beach Elopement in Tofino, BC


Destination Beach Elopement in Tofino, BC | BC wedding photographer

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for staying home with hubby and my pup snuggling up on the couch. However, when an opportunity calls for me to help capture a beautiful love story out by the water well… how can I resist? This beautiful destination beach elopement in Tofino, BC was exactly what I needed to spark my creativity and get me soaking up a bit of nature.

Destination Beach Elopement in Tofino, BC

Tofino is a small district on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. This beautiful town is has lakes, inlets and even an ancient rainforest for you to explore. Which officially makes it one of the coolest locations close to where I’m from.

One of the best parts about a destination elopement such as this one is that you’re really given all the freedom you could ask for. Much like any wedding day, you can really make it however you want it to be. In this case, these two love birds wanted to have the gorgeous views of the Clayoquot Sound and really embrace nature. One of the many things that fueled my passion with photography, was my love for nature so this was definitely right up my alley.

It was a beautiful June day, and although we were met with quite a bit of fog that didn’t stop us. Vows were exchanged as we heard the roaring of waves crashing alongside the rocks. A moment that these two had waited for what felt like a lifetime, finally came true. The fog slowly faded as the sun peaked in through the clouds. Carter and Kassia spent the remainder of their time laying in a hammock, with the water crashing behind them. A purely blissful and serene way to end their intimate destination beach elopement. It truly was such a beautiful day and one that I felt so honored to have witnessed.

Second shot for Jackie Kalch Photography

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